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Background: In November 1988, Jamia Nagar locality Abul Fazal Enclave’s Muslims learnt to their dismay that the only primary school of the area (privately run) was exposing Muslim Children to unIslamic and polysthetic practices; though 80 per cent of its students were Muslims. Muslim women of the locality reacted spontaneously; they urged the parents to withdraw their children from the school which was poisoning the young minds. Prominent personalities of the area; Mr. Abdur Rasheed Aghwan, Mr. M Zainul Abedin Mansoori and Dr. M Zafarul Islam Khan with the cooperation of residents launched an alternative primary school; which initially was started  ‘in an open ground. From the next academic session  (April 1989)’, the school formally began when Jamaat-e-Islami Hind temporarily provided a thousand square yard land for it.

Brief History: The project began when the land became available. Supervised by Dr. Kausar Yazdani (President, Delhi and Haryana zone of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind), a committee was formed which included Mr. AR Aghwan, Mr. MZ Mansoori, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and Mr. Saleh Ali Shabibi. This Committee looked after management, construction, syllabus development and staff selection in the new school. A temporary building was erected while resources were raised on loan. In July 1989, classes I to V started functioning; lady teachers were appointed at terms better than those usually available. Eighty per cent of children were poor so no fee was charged from them. Many students were given books, stationery, uniforms and school bags by the school. Later a nominal fee of Rs. 5/- monthly was charged. In a few years, the classes increased up to class VIII. Then Milli Education Trust was formed and the school was handed over to the Trust. The Trust included Dr. Yazdani, Mr. AR Aghwan, Mr. MZ Mansoori, Mr. SA Shabibi, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Dr. SQR Ilyas, Mr. Ziaul Hasan Nadvi, Mr. Musharaff Husain and Mr. Nasir Husain Aarwi.  A working committee consisting of Mr. MZ Mansoori, Mr. SA Shabibi and Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan looked after day to day functioning of the school. For permanent secure building, a land of four thousand square yard was obtained from Ishaat-e-Islam Trust and in 1995, the building was constructed.


After a few years, the classes were bifurcated into two separate shift shifts for boys and girls. Boys were admitted up to class V only. In 2000, the secondary school for girls began which developed in to senior secondary school in 2010. Students were enrolled for Jamia Millia Islamia Board, as private students. This arrangement continues till now. The school was formally handed over by Milli Education Trust to Ishaat-e-Islam Trust in 2004. A new management committee was formed which included, Mr. AR Aghwan and Mr. MZ Mansoori as representatives of Milli Educatin Trust.  The new committee consists of the following:
•    Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed (President)
•    Mr. Javed Iqbal (Secretary)
•    Mr. Saleh Ali Shabi (Trasurer)
•    Mr.AR Aghwan
•    Mr. ZA Mansoori
•    Mr. Nasir Husain Aarwi
•    Prf. Mohd. Akhtar Siddiqui
•    Mr. MH Siddiqui
•    Master Tauqueer A Chaudhary
•    Master Abdul Waheed
•    Mr. Murshid Ali